AgileVIEW Series 2 consoles provide flexibility, features to control room operators

Aug. 19, 2015
LA GRANGE, Texas, 19 Aug. 2015. ImageVision Inc. is unveiling its AgileVIEW Series 2 line of control consoles, used by various air traffic management/air traffic control (ATM/ATC) and airport operations entities.
LA GRANGE, Texas, 19 Aug. 2015.ImageVision Inc. is unveiling its AgileVIEW Series 2 line of control consoles, used by various air traffic management/air traffic control (ATM/ATC) and airport operations entities.

AgileVIEW Series 2, with features for increased flexibility and enhanced ergonomics, is designed to maximize an operator’s ability to control or “customize” his/her workstation, adapting to diverse and changing operator preferences and different job demands, equipment, and applications—straight out of the box. It also integrates seamlessly with existing original-series AgileVIEW furniture, officials explain.

The key feature of AgileVIEW Series 2 is reduced space between monitor tiers to accommodate the shorter aspect ratio of newer widescreen monitors. AgileVIEW Series 2 features a standard monitor mount, CHIEF KWP130B, which allows 4.5-inch integrated vertical height adjustment with easy pivot/tilt functionality.

Other ergonomic design aspects and features existing customers say they appreciate about AgileVIEW have been maintained, including the option of seated or standing consoles. This newest product line integrates with the technical environment at hand (a/v, cables, etc.) and is easy to adjust to suit an operator's preferences, according to a spokesperson.

Heavy-duty, all-steel construction is standard with the AgileVIEW Series 2 line of control room consoles. Improving their longevity, AgileVIEW Series 2 consoles are highly modular and can adapt to fit any floor plans and/or operational requirements. Past AgileVIEW customers have noted that the streamlined design prevents clutter and enhances productivity.

Customers may also choose custom colors and/or designs for powder coat finishes and laminate surfaces, so that AgileVIEW Series 2 complements the existing style and color scheme of their workspaces.

AgileVIEW Series 2 is off to a positive start with customers: "The durability of the furniture… [and] the ease of setting it all up. The operators like the room it gives them," Jeff DeRight of ADM Bio Products says.

AgileVIEW Series 2

Shared Features


 Reduced space between monitor tiers

 Accommodates shorter aspect ratio of newer widescreen monitors

 Pivot/tilt CHIEF monitor mounts

 Greater operator flexibility

 Foot rest option on standing units

 Heavy-Duty, All-Steel Construction

 Multiple Widths and Tier Heights

 Seated or standing options

 Dual integrated wireways

 Made in the USA

 Small footprint conserves floor space

 Durable Flexibility

 Easy Monitor Adjustment

 Monitor Mount Flexibility

 Integrated cable management

 Accommodates most types/sizes of flat screen displays

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