DDC debuts AC solid-state power controller for aircraft

Jan. 12, 2016
BOHEMIA, N.Y., 13 Jan. 2016. Data Device Corp. (DDC) is introducing a 10-Channel, 120-amp, 115 volts AC solid-state power controller (SSPC) certifiable to DO-160, for use in mission system and non-flight critical applications onboard manned and unmanned aircraft.

BOHEMIA, N.Y., 13 Jan. 2016.Data Device Corp. (DDC) is introducing a 10-Channel, 120-amp, 115 volts AC solid-state power controller (SSPC) certifiable to DO-160, for use in mission system and non-flight critical applications onboard manned and unmanned aircraft.

The new SSPC is designed to deliver advanced programmability, system health diagnostic and prognostic data, and high-power density in a compact and reliable board. In addition to reliability and smart power control, the 10-Channel AC SSPC (RP-27001X) provides significant size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) savings, by replacing bulky circuit panels that consume valuable space within cabin systems and equipment racks, officials say.

“DDC’s new high power density AC SSPC offers a reliable and efficient power control solution, optimized for aircraft mission systems, and other applications that can benefit from the advanced functionality and flexibility provided by smart power management,” says Steve Rood Goldman, DDC’s marketing manager.

Features include:

  • Engineered for Avionic Applications
  • 115VAC Operation
  • MIL-STD-704F Compliant
  • DO-160 Certifiable
  • SWaP Optimized – Eliminates Bulky Circuit Panels, offering up to…
  • 7X Power-to-Volume Savings
  • 5X Power-to-Weight Savings
  • 70% Reduction in Power Dissipation

DDC’s efficient SSPCs enable SWaP-C savings compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, saving space for other components and expanded functionality. These compact, high-density, 10-channel boards enable a 7X power-to-volume and 5X power-to-weight savings, compared with larger mechanical alternatives, enabling reduced space consumption and fuel costs, while extending mission range. Additional SWaP-C savings are realized through a 70 percent reduction in power dissipation, along with energy savings through intelligent load shedding and prioritization. These boards can be programmed to support multiple platforms and varying mission requirements, helping to curb inventory costs, officials describe.

DDC’s SSPCs have a 25X improved mean time between failures (MTBF) compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays that have moving parts which are more prone to failure. They also provide real-time health and diagnostic data, enabling improved mission uptime, safety, and longevity through preventative and automated maintenance.

DDC’s SSPCs enable network control, programmability, and autonomous operation – simplifying vehicle control and freeing crew members’ time so they can concentrate on mission critical tasks. They also provide channel paralleling, controlled rise/fall times, and I2t trip protection, to deliver high-precision load protection and flexible power distribution.

DDC’s SSPCs also offer flexible control options, including CANbus and RS-485 interfaces, and a range of discrete controls. These high-power boards allow each channel to be individually programmed within a 10:1 current range, from 5 to 15 amps.

Data Device Corporation (DDC) designs and manufactures high-reliability connectivity, power and control solutions (data networking; power distribution, control, and conversion; motor control and motion feedback) for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. Data Device Corp. brands include DDC, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation, National Hybrid Inc., Pascall Electronics Ltd., and XCEL Power Systems Ltd. DDC is headquartered in Bohemia, N.Y., and has manufacturing operations in New York, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

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