Cobham announces QML V qualification of MRAMs with Everspin commercial IP

Feb. 4, 2016
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., 4 Feb. 2016. Non-volatile products from Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) -- using Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (MRAM) intellectual property (IP) from Everspin Technologies Inc. in Chandler, Ariz. -- are now QML V certified. 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., 4 Feb. 2016. Non-volatile products from Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) -- using Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (MRAM) intellectual property (IP) from Everspin Technologies Inc. in Chandler, Ariz. -- are now QML V certified. Cobham’s MRAM-based product portfolio includes: the 64-Megabit (Mbit) UT8MR8M8 offered in a 40-lead quad flatpack, and 16Mbit UT8MR2M8 available in a 40-lead flatpack -- both of which are in production and have been designed into various future satellites.

“Customers needed dense, low-power, qualified non-volatile memory solutions with guaranteed total ionizing dose and single event hardness,” explains Anthony Jordan, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions vice-president product marketing and applications engineering. “Using an IP license from Everspin, Cobham has taken commercial MRAM technology and enhanced the IP for specialized aerospace and defense applications. We were able to satisfy these requirements using commercial IP and proprietary design techniques and have accessed new markets.”

MRAM technology provides a combination of fast access time, non-volatility, data retention, and endurance. MRAM technology operates as an SRAM with non-volatile attributes. Cobham’s HiRel MRAM solutions are used with microprocessors, DSP engines, storage systems, instruments, and reconfigurable FPGAs.

“We are very pleased to be Cobham’s partner in bringing MRAM technology to the level required to achieve QML V,” says Phill LoPresti, president and CEO of Everspin Technologies. “MRAM has become the preferred solution in demanding applications such as storage, industrial, automotive, and now, with Cobham’s achievement, aerospace.”

The 3-volt MRAMs have guaranteed operation from -40 degrees Celsius to +105 degrees Celsius, 100 krad(Si) to 1 Mrad and are SEL immune to >100 MeV-cm2. As a replacement for 3.3V SRAMs, the MRAMs are 8-bit parallel I/O solutions with data retention after each write of 20 years and virtually infinite read/write endurance. They are well suited for working memory applications that require high rates of data overwrites. The radiation-hardened UT8MR2M8 (SMD5962-12227) and the UT8MR8M8 (SMD 5962-13207) are QML Q, Q+ and V qualified and available to Standard Microcircuit Drawings.

“Cobham Semiconductor Solutions is committed as a long-term supplier of memory products for harsh environments. We now offer over 30 products in our non-volatile and volatile memory family,” Jordan adds. “We plan to continue leveraging Everspin IP in future product development.”

For copies of the Memory Family datasheets, call 1-800-645-8862, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions is a global supplier of standard high-reliability (HiRel) integrated circuits (ICs) including memory, µprocessor, interconnect, and power and ASICs for space, commercial, medical, and industrial markets, along with Electronic Manufacturing Services (Circuit Card Assembly, Radiation Testing, Component Upscreening and Packaging).

Cobham provides a range of technologies and services designed to solve challenging problems in harsh environments across commercial, defense, and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean, specializing in meeting the growing demand for data, connectivity, and bandwidth.

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