Amazon Web Services announces general availability of its satellite control platform AWS Ground Station

May 23, 2019
With a network of satellite ground stations located in close proximity to AWS Regions around the world customers can download, process, store, analyze, and act upon satellite data quicker for less.

SEATTLE – Amazon Web Services, Inc. announced the general availability of AWS Ground Station, a new service that makes it easy for customers to control satellites from AWS and download data from satellites into AWS Global Infrastructure Regions. The system uses a fully managed network of ground station antennas located around the world.

Once customers upload satellite commands and data through AWS Ground Station, they can download, process, and store large amounts of data over the high-speed AWS Ground Station network and other Amazon services.

Satellites are being used by more and more businesses, universities, and governments for a variety of applications, including weather forecasting, surface imaging, and communications. To do this today, customers must build or lease ground antennas to communicate with the satellites. This requires significant capital investments and operational costs to build, manage, and securely maintain antennas, compute infrastructure, and business logic at each antenna location. AWS Ground Station removes that initial financial entry barrier.

AWS says customers can save up to 80 percent of their ground station costs by paying for antenna access time on demand, and they can rely on AWS Ground Station’s global footprint of ground stations to downlink data when and where they need it.

Capella Space, D-Orbit, Maxar Technologies, Myriota, NSLComm, Open Cosmos, Spire, and Thales Alenia Space are among customers and partners currently using AWS Ground Station.

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