WOLF announces 3U VPX with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier for military and aerospace

May 24, 2019
WOLF Advanced Technology (WOLF) of Stouffville, Ontario recently announced the VPX3U-XAVIER-APU

STOUFFVILLE, Ontario - WOLF Advanced Technology (WOLF) of Stouffville, Ontario recently announced the VPX3U-XAVIER-APU (WOLF-12TP), a 3U VPX compliant solution that includes an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module and the WOLF FGX for use in military, aerospace and other extreme harsh environment applications.

Early access units of the VPX3U-XAVIER-APU (WOLF-12TP) are available for order immediately with production slated for June 2019.

VPX3U-XAVIER-APU is suited for applications that require AI inferencing, machine vision, or GPGPU CUDA processing, with autonomous operation and a power draw of less than 50 watts, making it suitable for use for military and aerospace systems.

The NVIDIA AGX platform provides breakthrough advancements in edge and autonomous computing, without the need for continued cloud connectivity. The AGX platform enables local visual odometry, sensor fusion, localization and mapping, obstacle detection, and path planning algorithms critical to next-generation autonomous platforms. Developers using this module can benefit from NVIDIA’s rich set of AI tools and workflows as well as the NVIDIA JetPack SDK.

The VPX architecture is diverse, spanning custom backplanes, an ambiguous system specification and differing input / output methodologies. The 3U VPX WOLF-12TP module includes factory configuration options to solve many of these system integration challenges. This module has been designed to support VPX REDI (VITA 48) and OpenVPX (VITA 65). In addition, the WOLF-12TP includes a WOLF FXG to support additional video formats that are not native to the Xavier GPU. This also allows WOLF to react quickly to customer requirements for additional video formats.

For more information, please visit https://wolfadvancedtechnology.com/.

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