TE Connectivity’s new smart current sensors combine 5 products into 1 lightweight package

June 12, 2019
Programmable sensor offers versatility for commercial aerospace and military engineers.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – TE Connectivity (TE), a leader in connectivity and sensors, released its new, multifunction HARTMAN smart current sensor for commercial aircraft and military ground vehicles. TE’s HARTMAN smart current sensor is programmable, allowing for up to five different combinations in a single 10-pin configurable package. By combining multiple features into one part, this sensor reduces the need for additional protective devices, ultimately helping to lower costs.

The HARTMAN smart current sensor allows users to maintain their trip curve throughout the temperature range while giving both current status and trip status of the system. Users can also disable the trip curve when needed. This multifunction sensor offers the following trip curve features:

  • 200 AMP thermal breaker trip times
  • 300 AMP thermal breaker trip times
  • 400 AMP thermal breaker trip times
  • Reverse load detection/trip
  • Turn off thermal breaker

“We have invested a lot of effort in adding features that enhance the HARTMAN smart current sensor’s performance and safety,” said Neil Chitwood, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “That includes giving the sensor the same trip curve characteristics as the thermal breaker, in addition to adding built-in overload detection status, overcurrent protection on coil current, and on/off thermal breaker capabilities.”

HARTMAN smart current sensors are designed and built to DO-160G. Applications suited for these sensors include power distribution, load shedding, reverse current protection and circuit protection. They are designed for use in commercial jets, business jets, helicopters and military ground vehicles.

For more information on TE’s HARTMAN smart current sensor, please visit the product page.

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