Varjo announces two new 'human-eye resolution' HMDs for simulation

Oct. 15, 2019
The new VR-2 and VR-2 Pro support SteamVR and the OpenVR Development Platform at high resolutions for easy access to immersive content

HELSINKI, Finland – Varjo Technologies today announced it has doubled its product line offerings with two new virtual reality (VR) headsets – the VR-2 and the VR-2 Pro. These two new products (in addition to the VR-1 and XR-1) are part of Varjo’s ‘Resolution Revolution’, a product line committed to delivering human eye-resolution.

Both the VR-2 and the higher-end VR-2 Pro include support for SteamVR content as well as support for the OpenVR development platform from Valve at ultra-high resolutions (up to 40 ppd/4K rendering per eye) so professional users can access a full range of applications for research, analytics, training and simulation, industrial design, and more.

The VR-2 Pro also comes with integrated Ultraleap hand tracking technology, which enables more intuitive interactions with the highest-fidelity VR content. This is especially impactful for simulation professionals who interact with physical controllers and switches as part of their VR training.

Building on Varjo’s advanced 20/20 Eye Tracker technology, the new products offer even faster and more accurate calibration performance, giving professionals access to precise eye data for applications such as consumer research or safety-critical training. Additionally, the next-generation Bionic Display in both the VR-2 and the VR-2 Pro feature even better peripheral vision and color consistency than before, delivering the most natural visual experience needed when designing, using advanced simulations or research scenarios.

“One of the main goals of SteamVR is to support a diverse ecosystem of hardware and software. Varjo is taking a unique approach to building high-end industrial VR products, and we are excited that users of Varjo will be able to take advantage of the wide array of SteamVR content for professionals,” said Joe Ludwig from Valve.

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