TE Connectivity’s new P-Clamps offer improved flexibility, install time and weight compared to. metal clamps

Dec. 18, 2019
The new tool-free clamps are designed for military, aerospace and industrial applications.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – TE Connectivity (TE) have introduced its new P-Clamps with lock and mounting features that offer engineers the flexibility to rethink the way electrical and fluid systems are configured. Engineered with separate mounting and locking features, TE’s P-Clamps can be installed earlier in the assembly process compared to standard AS21919 P-Clamps.

TE’s P-Clamps simplify and speed up installation by eliminating the need for tools and hardware when installing cable assemblies. The risk of foreign object debris also decreases when tools are not required for installation. The P-Clamp’s design incorporates a quick-lock feature, which enables users to quickly open and close the clamp as needed without unmounting it.

Made of lightweight, aerospace grade PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) polymer, TE P-Clamps come in 10 sizes that cover the same range as 21 standard AS21919 P-Clamps. Using PEEK helps reduce weight by up to 25% while maintaining comparable physical strength as metal P-Clamps.

TE P-Clamps are designed for mounting cable harnesses in a wide range of applications including commercial aviation, military aerospace, military vehicles, marine vehicles, industrial vehicles, rail and automotive.

For more information on TE P-Clamps, please visit https://www.te.com/usa-en/home.html.

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