Honeywell completes JetWave connectivity testing for China

March 2, 2020
JetWave is designed for the China’s Ka-band satellite network.

PHOENIX, Ariz., - Honeywell completed ground testing and flight testing of the JetWave connectivity system in China on its Boeing 757. This is a major milestone for Honeywell that will greatly increase its support of China’s in-flight, high-speed satellite communication.

JetWave is designed for the China’s Ka-band satellite network. It provides high-speed cabin connectivity. JetWave has speeds of up to 180 Mbps, so passengers can expect the same high-speed Wi-Fi experience at 40,000 feet as they do on the ground, fully meeting business and entertainment connection demands.

Chinese operators with JetWave can bring better flight experiences to their passengers through access to high-speed internet. On top of the passenger benefits, JetWave also brings greater connectivity to assist maintenance operators and flight operations better manage aircraft, reduce fuel costs, and help avoid aircraft delays.

Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications terminals provide an in-flight Ka-band service available worldwide. The hardware and network are optimized to work during flight, providing outstanding connectivity and enhancing the passenger experience.

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