Aero Precision signs distribution agreement with Metro Aerospace

April 24, 2020

LIVERMORE, Calif., - Aero Precision announced that it has entered into an agreement with Metro Aerospace, a Dallas company with the exclusive license to supply Lockheed Martin’s Microvanes drag-reduction technology. Strategically surface-mounted on the aft body of rear cargo airframes, Microvanes reshape tail section airflow, reducing the significant amount of drag created on aircrafts like the C-130, C-17, L-100, and KC-135.

“Aero Precision will extend awareness and adoption of Microvanes worldwide,” said Tricia D’Cruz, Managing Director of Metro Aerospace. “Currently in use by fleets across five continents, Microvanes have been proven to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and engine wear through lower turbine inlet temperatures. As a result, fleets that use them have successfully extended time on mission and increased both range and payload capability, while also reducing refueling, allowing them to get on target faster.”

The Lockheed Martin Service Bulletin 82J-53-042 cites Microvanes’ ability to reduce base drag and provide for a significant increase in fuel efficiency. Aero Precision will procure Microvanes ahead of demand and aim to reach customers around the globe to offer this performance-based enhancement that also pays for itself through the savings it creates.

“Technology innovations are crucial to generating efficiencies in aircraft operating performance,” added Scott Butler, Aero Precision, Vice President of Business Development. “With Microvanes from Metro Aerospace, C-130 aircrew and aircraft will not only save time but also witness reduced cost of operations and extend the life of their aircraft.”

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