Boeing raises monster $25 billion in bond offering, rules out federal aid

May 1, 2020
Boeing on Thursday said it raised a whopping $25 billion in a bond offering and it won’t seek federal aid as the aerospace giant faces the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Leslie Josephs reports for CNBC.

CHICAGO - Boeing on Thursday said it doesn’t plan to seek federal aid after raising a whopping $25 billion in a bond offering, the company’s biggest debt sale ever, as it faces what it expects to be a multi-year slump in air travel because of the coronavirus pandemic, Leslie Josephs reports for CNBC. Continue reading original article.

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

May 1, 2020 -"We’re pleased with the response to our bond offering today, which is one of several steps we’re taking to keep liquidity flowing through our business and the 17,000 companies in our industry’s supply chain," Boeing wrote in a statement April 30. "The robust demand for the offering reflects strong support for the long-term strength of Boeing and the aviation industry. It is also in part a result of the confidence in the market created by the CARES Act and federal support programs that have been put in place - a testament to the Administration, Congress and the Federal Reserve."

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Intelligent Aerospace

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