NAASCO announces FAA/DER approved repair capabilities for Airbus models

June 15, 2020

SHIRLEY, N.Y., -  NAASCO has finalized a FAA / DER Approved Repair (FAA approval) of the Zodiac contactor P/N: 558CA01Y1, 558CA04A30Y00, 558CA04A40Y00, 558CA04A41Y00 for the Airbus A318; A319; A320;  and A321. The contactor is now able to be cost-effectively repaired (vs 'expendable') utilizing NAASCO's industry exclusive Sil-MetTM repair solution and will be certified with an FAA/EASA dual release 8130 tag.   

From a production standpoint, NAASCO will provide a three-week turn-around-time. For clients that require faster service, an express routine overhaul is available for a modest fee. Additionally, depending on negotiated contract terms, NAASCO will develop and maintain an exchange pool program for select clients.

According to Mike Leslie, NAASCO's President & CEO, "By extending the life of parts once considered consumable, operators can potentially save thousands of dollars with NAASCO's cutting-edge repair solutions." He went on to say, "We understand the challenges that operators face every day and they should know that NAASCO will continue to drive product improvements for all types of starter generators, motors, relays, contacts, and other electro-mechanical components."

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