Citadel releases new AI counter UAS software

July 15, 2020
Titan systems can be networked and synchronized to automate CUAS defense above large covered sites.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., - Citadel Defense has released new AI-powered software and networking solutions in order to autonomously protect against 98% of commercial off-the-shelf drones. By securely networking multiple Titan systems together, a large base or air field can achieve 24/7/365 protection through a single interface and the click of one button.

Responding to feedback from operators downrange, Citadel built Titan to be a reliable system that consistently delivers on its advertised capabilities and works as effectively in uncontrolled combat environments as it does in scripted Government tests.

Addressing Warfighter concerns that legacy CUAS systems were difficult to operate and cost prohibitive to sustain, Citadel worked with the Air Force and government agencies to develop an optimized radiofrequency solution for Air Defense operations. The team’s focus on AI, machine learning, and hyper-automation has allowed the company to deliver a single CUAS solution that is equally effective across fixed, mobile and dismounted missions.

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