TE Connectivity brings single pair Ethernet to the skies

July 30, 2020
New Mini-ETH system reduces weight and increases bandwidth in commercial aerospace systems

HARRISBURG, Pa. - TE Connectivity is unveiling its new Mini-ETH single pair Ethernet system for commercial aircraft that offers weight savings, more bandwidth and simpler installation and maintenance by using proven technologies from other markets.

TE’s new Mini-ETH system offers them up to 73% weight savings in cables and up to 41% weight savings in connectors compared to standard eight-wire cables and rectangular connectors.

Using Ethernet over single pair protocols derived from the automotive market, the Mini-ETH system delivers its weight savings by employing a two-wire cable design, which was recently standardized under the ARINC 854 cabin equipment network bus standard. Two-wire cables and corresponding 369 connectors help reduce termination time by up to 50% compared to standard quadrax connectors. The reduction in wires within TE’s Mini-ETH system can also simplify maintenance when compared to quadrax connectors.

These efficiencies come in a versatile package that is qualified to 100Mb/s with the ability to support up to 1Gb/s in future applications. The Mini-ETH system is currently designed for use in In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems, seat power and lighting controls.

TE’s Mini-ETH system consists of a range of time-tested TE products, including:

• 369 shielded connectors

• DEUTSCH DMC-M connectors (EN4165)

• Cheminax twinax high speed copper cables

• End to End Ethernet assemblies

For more information on TE’s Mini-ETH single pair ethernet system, visit  https://www.te.com/usa-en/home.html.   .

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