AVX qualified by the ESA to provide chip capacitors for space applications

Sept. 2, 2020
The European Space Agency has qualified AVX to supply TCS Series COTS-Plus Ultra-Low-ESR Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Chip Capacitors for use in mission-critical space programs including satellites, missiles, and rovers.

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. - AVX Corporation announced it is the first manufacturer qualified to supply polymer electrolytic multianode capacitors for use in European Space Agency (ESA) programs. The company’s TCS Series COTS-Plus Solid Polymer Electrolytic Multianode Chip Capacitors, which are manufactured at the ESA-qualified AVX Czech Republic facility in Lanskroun, are now listed on the European Space Components Coordination (ESCC) Qualified Parts List (QPL), Detailed Specification 3012/006, as recommended by the Space Components Steering Board.

 TCS Series solid polymer electrolytic multianode capacitors approved to the ESCC QPL have a ruggedized multianode construction with three parallel anodes. The E-case (EIA Metric 7343-43) components measure 7.30mm x 4.30mm x 4.10mm (L x W x H ±0.20) and satisfy stringent space and weight requirements for aerospace equipment. Each lot is subjected to statistical screening, accelerated ageing, and comprehensive testing procedures to ensure long lifetime operation in extreme environments with improved base reliability of 0.5% per 1,000 hours. They exhibit low equivalent series resistance (ESR) with values ranging from 12–50mΩ depending on capacitance and voltage. The capacitance range is 22–470μF with a ±20% capacitance tolerance and a voltage range of 6.3–35VDC for operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +105°C. Customers can also choose testing levels B or C and request one of three lot acceptance testing (LAT) procedures per ESCC regulations to ensure suitable reliability for various space, avionics, military, industrial, and telecommunications applications.

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