Hydrogen-powered passenger plane completes maiden flight in ‘world first’

Sept. 28, 2020
The six-seater Piper M-class aircraft flew in skies over England, Anmar Frangoul reports for CNBC.

CRANFIELD, U.K. - A hydrogen fuel-cell plane that’s capable of carrying passengers completed its maiden flight this week, in another step forward for low and zero-emission flight, Anmar Frangoul reports for CNBCContinue reading original article.

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

September 28, 2020 -ZeroAvia retrofitted a six-seater Piper M-Class prop aircraft that utilzes a hydrogen fuel cell that creates electricity to power its flight. The test flight lasted eight minutes and reached an altitude of 1,000 feet with a top speed of 100 knots.

“While some experimental aircraft have flown using hydrogen fuel cells as a power source, the size of this commercially available aircraft shows that paying passengers could be boarding a truly zero-emission flight very soon,” Val Miftakhov, the CEO of ZeroAvia, said in a statement.

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