Boeing slashes forecast for new aircraft demand, expects coronavirus pandemic to hurt sales for more than a decade

Oct. 7, 2020
Boeing slashed its 10-year forecast for new aircraft demand by 11% from a year ago, Leslie Josephs reports for CNBC.

CHICAGO - Boeing is cutting its expectations for new commercial aircraft demand over the next decade, citing what it estimates will be a years-long slump in travel demand because of the coronavirus pandemic, Leslie Josephs reports for CNBCContinue reading original article.

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

October 7, 2020 - Coronavirus has impacted the aerospace industry in a major way this year, heaping more stress onto Boeing, who still has not gotten its best-selling 737 Max line back in the air following deadly crashes in late 2018 and early 2019.

While global air travel was on the upswing prior to COVID-19, Boeing says that the pandemic has caused the company to forecast an 11% drop in aircraft demand from a year prior.

Chicago-based Boeing had a defense-focused silver lining to its commerical-sector cloud as the aerospace giant forecast a $100 billion bump to $2.6 trillion mil-space market over the next decade.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Intelligent Aerospace

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