Honeywell enters into strategic initiative with Ansys

Nov. 5, 2020
Honeywell customers will see products come to market faster.

ATLANTA - Honeywell is leveraging Ansys technology to kickstart digital transformation initiatives that will benefit customers by lowering development costs and cutting down the time it takes to bring products to market.

Through a multiyear agreement, Ansys is providing Honeywell with solutions that span the engineering design chain and help optimize the testing and simulation processes that are critical to taking products from the concept phase through to completion. Honeywell customers will see products come to market faster than before and reduced costs in the long run as cycle times shorten.

Ansys solutions can digitally simulate product testing that would have previously taken years in some cases. For example, a valve in a Honeywell aircraft engine that regulates pressure in a pipe or duct can be modeled in new ways. Through digital modeling, engineers can vary the pressure and temperature of the valve to gauge its strength and discover failure points more quickly. Engineers would no longer need to build several different configurations and proceed with costly tests of each.

This collaboration standardizes Ansys’ full portfolio of accurate, high-fidelity simulation solutions as Honeywell’s common simulation platform across its global organization. Incorporating Ansys solutions improves Honeywell’s simulation process and can significantly cut development cycle times. Ansys technologies will help Honeywell engineers confirm data integrity, create consistent and standardized processes, and establish common architectures and platforms across the company’s globally distributed engineering teams.

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