Embraer selects Honeywell's Aircraft Data Gateway for its new E2 commercial jet

Feb. 15, 2021
Wireless LSAP loading can save an additional 75 hours per aircraft, per year.

ATLANTA - Honeywell and Embraer have worked jointly to install Honeywell's Aircraft Data Gateway 400 (ADG-400) on all of Embraer's new E2 commercial jets, with an option to retrofit first-generation E1 models. With this solution, operators can wirelessly transfer critical flight and maintenance data to and from their aircraft more quickly and efficiently than before.

The ADG-400 packages several key technologies into one scalable solution that enables a variety of connected aircraft solutions. Honeywell's Aircraft Data Gateway consists of a wireless LSAP (Loadable Software Aircraft Part) loader, quick access recorder and data communications capabilities. It enables database and software updates without wired connections. Furthermore, the ADG-400 helps offload aircraft data to analyze, troubleshoot and predict maintenance and performance issues, which helps operators maintain their aircraft and avoid unexpected downtime.

Once the ADG-400 is installed, airlines can save significantly. Wireless data offloading alone can reduce aircraft delays and reduce regular maintenance by up to 150 hours annually per aircraft. Wireless LSAP loading can save an additional 75 hours per aircraft, per year. Along with its enhanced user experience, the ADG-400 allows technicians to focus on priority issues rather than spend hours on general maintenance every month.

The first Embraer E2 models forward-fitted with the ADG-400 are expected to come off the production line starting this month, with the option to upgrade the E1 shortly thereafter.

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