Ansys launches 'Moxie' to enhance system model validation processes

Feb. 22, 2021
Moxie decreases development costs and expedites time to market by enabling engineers to optimize system designs earlier in the product lifecycle.

CANONSBURG, Pa., - Ansys is equipping engineering teams to cut development time, boost productivity and speed innovation through the launch of Moxie. The new product enables engineers to run and analyze SysML behavioral models in virtual environments and confirm these designs represent systems that will satisfy mission performance requirements—from military aircraft performing reconnaissance to automated cars navigating cities to satellites capturing photos of forest fires.

Defining systems requirements with formalized SysML is becoming increasingly popular. However, if engineering teams do not evaluate and validate SysML architectures within a physics-based, virtual representation of their system's operating environment, there is significant programmatic risk that the physical system resulting from the virtual system design will not satisfy mission performance objectives. A next-gen digital mission engineering solution, Moxie uniquely delivers continuous event detection during simulation runs, synchronizes execution of multiple simulation technologies and provides customizable levels of simulation fidelity.

Moxie reduces programmatic risk and costly rework by integrating SysML authoring tools with mission modeling tools such as AGI's Systems Tool Kit (STK). Running SysML behavioral architectures in virtual operating environments enables engineers to validate system models against mission-level requirements rather than waiting to perform validation in the lifecycle when physical systems are available. Using Moxie, engineers also gain the unique ability to virtually assess their systems against potential new use cases — a task that would be too expensive or impossible to complete with physical systems.  

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