Air traffic management market to proliferate substantially in the MEA region

March 31, 2021
Surging flight traffic has increased the probability of causing airplane accidents. This demands the implementation of a sophisticated air traffic management system for averting such incidents.

By Saurabh More

SELBYVILLE, Del., - Growing tourism across the world has increased transportation through airplanes. With increasing tourist destinations, the number of flight routes are soaring. Surging flight traffic has increased the probability of causing airplane accidents. This demands the implementation of a sophisticated air traffic management system for averting such incidents.

According to a recent research report by Global Market Insights Inc., the air traffic management market size is projected to cross USD 10 billion by 2027.

Advancements in air traffic management technologies

Technological advancements have reduced the congestion of airplane traffic whilst promoting a superior traveling experience. For instance, Acubed has developed an air traffic management technology named Airbus UTM and it has advanced simulation tools that manage air traffic without any human intervention. They also offer low altitude notification and authorization via a company named DroneDeploy.

To add to this point, many players have collaborated with airport authorities for installing advanced traffic management systems. Citing an instance, NATS, in January 2019, installed a digital control tower powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Heathrow Airport, London. In this case, AI was used to analyze if it can assist in reducing the number of flight delays experienced at the airport. Such developments will propel the usage of air traffic management systems.

Along with flight delays, surveillance is another aspect when it comes to air traffic management. With increasing flight routes, a strong surveillance system is required to manage this air traffic without causing any security concerns. This is the reason airport authorities are integrating advanced surveillance systems. For instance, the Airport Authority of India (AAI), in July 2019, collaborated with Aireon LLC for installing air traffic surveillance systems across the oceanic airspaces of Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai, covering an area of around six million sq. kms. Such collaborations will prove beneficial in the proliferation of the air traffic management market.

Growing number of airports

The number of airports constructed in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tanzania and Rwanda are aiding the augmentation of the air traffic management market in the Middle East and Africa region. In addition, governments are focusing on upgrading airport facilities for giving passengers a hassle-free traveling experience. For instance, the government of Dubai declared to invest around USD 3 billion in November 2016 for bolstering the expansion of two major airports of the nation. These airports are predicted to be completed by the end of 2025 and they will then be able to serve over 146 million passengers annually.

Numerous initiatives by key market players

Many industry players are emphasizing on establishing partnerships and collaborations for improving their market position and expanding their businesses. For instance, Honeywell partnered with the AAI in June 2018 for upgrading its air traffic system with voice recognition software across the country. These ventures are major contributors to the growth of the air traffic management market.

Some of the other key market players include BAE Systems, Leonard S.p.A, Honeywell International Inc., Northrop Grumman Corp., L3Harris Corp., Thales Group and Lockheed Martin Corp.

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