Oct. 27, 2021
The company is now taking preorders for its sporty two-seater vehicle and plans to begin rollout in 2024.

PARDES HANNA, Israel - AIR, creator of personal eVTOLs for the consumer market, unveiled its debut vehicle, AIR ONE, and announced it is now accepting pre-orders. AIR ONE is a sporty, easy-to-operate electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft designed for individual consumer ownership.

As the eVTOL industry gains traction with a primary focus on air taxis and other urban use cases, AIR puts the freedom to fly directly in the hands of consumers with its  AIR ONE vehicle intended for adventure, fun, and day-to-day flying by consumers. AIR’s inaugural vehicle will feature aerospace innovation alongside cutting-edge automotive manufacturing techniques and product maturity to enable mass production of vehicles and accelerated integration of advanced air mobility into society on both a commercial and personal level.

The company’s inaugural vehicle is an all-electric two-seater eVTOL that offers a range of 110 miles on a single charge at speeds up to 155 miles per hour, with a flight time of one hour. AIR ONE prioritizes everyday practicality for consumers with collapsible wings for easy parking and its ability to take off from or land on any flat surface.

At the heart of AIR ONE is the company’s ‘fly by intent’ software, which manages complex functions and navigation, so that usage isn’t restricted to highly skilled pilots and trained professionals. Additional safety features include an AI-enabled monitoring system which does frequent inspections of the vehicle and eliminates checklists for riders to ensure paramount safety, even for riders with minimal training.

Based on technology and manufacturing techniques from the automotive and aerospace industries, AIR ONE is designed from inception to be a fun, safe and practical vehicle that adheres to aerospace standards and regulations. To this end, AIR is currently working with the FAA to obtain G1 certification.

AIR has begun taking preorders for AIR ONE on its website, Pricing information will be announced in early 2022. 

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