FAA, telecommunication companies reach agreement to continue 5G deployment

Feb. 2, 2022
In an announcement Friday, the FAA said it has worked with Verizon and AT&T to continue the rollout of 5G services near airports, Walker Jaroch reports for AviationPros.

WASHINGTON - The FAA, Verizon and AT&T have come to an agreement that allows aircraft access to key airports, while continuing the rollout of 5G service. The FAA made the announcement Friday, Walker Jaroch reports for AviationProsContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

3 Feb. 2022 - “The FAA appreciates the strong communication and collaborative approach with wireless companies, which have provided more precise data about the exact location of wireless transmitters and supported more thorough analysis of how 5G C-band signals interact with sensitive aircraft instruments. The FAA used this data to determine that it is possible to safely and more precisely map the size and shape of the areas around airports where 5G signals are mitigated, shrinking the areas where wireless operators are deferring their antenna activations.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Intelligent Aerospace

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