EHang announces order for 60 UAM aircraft from AEORTREE in Malaysia

March 14, 2022
The order includes 50 units of the EH216 series and 10 units of the VT-30.

GUANGZHOU, China - EHang Holdings Limited, a Chinese autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology platform company, announced its strategic partnership with Aerotree Flight Services Sdn. Bhd to jointly develop urban air mobility (UAM) business, including Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and training, in Malaysia.

As a portion of the  partnership, AEROTREE has placed a pre-order for EHang’s electric passenger-grade AAVs in Malaysia for 50 units of the EH216 series, which includes the EH216-S1, EH216-L, and EH216-F, as well as 10 units of the VT-30, EHang’s long-range eVTOL. Prior to it, AEROTREE has purchased one unit of the EH216-S AAV from EHang.

EHang 216 can carry up to 220kg and fly as fast as 130km/h. It is battery powered and equipped with full redundant components for safety, including 16 propellers. Passengers will not need a pilot license to fly EHang's AAVs and will only need to choose their destinations on a mobile app. The AAVs will fly autonomously on pre-programmed routes, which include taking off, landing vertically, and conducting U-shaped travel. The vehicles will be tracked and can, if necessary, be commandeered from a command-and-control center on the ground.

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