United pushes back the return of dozens of Boeing 777 jets until at least May 13

April 15, 2022
United’s Pratt & Whitney-powered 777s were taken out of service after an engine failure shortly after takeoff from Denver in early 2021, Leslie Josephs reports for CNBC.

CHICAGO - United Airlines doesn’t expect to fly dozens of Boeing 777 jets, grounded more than a year ago after one suffered an engine failure, until at least mid-May. The airline had most recently planned for at least some of the planes to return to service this month, Leslie Josephs reports for CNBCContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

15 April 2022 - Josephs notes in her piece that as travel rebounds, the large 777 would help serve what is shaping to be a "bustling" spring travel season.

In February 2021, a United flight from Denver to Honolulu experienced an engine failure. Thankfully, the flight safely returned to Denver with no injuries reported. The aircraft was powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000 engines.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued safety directives to inspect fan blades on the P&W power plants. United noted in a statement that it planned to return the 777 to the skies in May, and the company is working closely with Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and the FAA.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
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