China says black boxes from crashed plane were ‘severely damaged’

April 21, 2022
The country’s aviation authority said it was still recovering and analyzing the data to help determine the cause of the March crash that killed 132 people, NBC News reports.

BEIJING - China’s aviation authority said on Wednesday the black boxes of a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 jet that crashed last month were “severely damaged” and it was still recovering and analyzing the data to help determine the cause, NBC News reports. Continue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

21 April 2022 - The Civil Aviation Administration of China, similar to it's U.S. FAA counterpart, issued a report Wednesday related to a deadly crash of flight MU5735 that claimed the lives of 132 people on board, including all passengers and crew.

CAAC notes that the agency is still trying to recover "black box" flight data and voice recordings. CAAC, who are being assisted by the U.S. National Transporation Safety Board in accessing the data, reports that no abnormalities have been found with the Boeing 737-800 that was operated by China Eastern.

While CAAC and NTSB experts work to access black box information, investigators will continuing to test parts of the wreckage as they continue to look into the cause of the sudden nosedive.

"The investigation found that the flight and cabin crew onboard, as well as the maintenance and clearance personnel, met qualification requirements," the report said. "Before it deviated from cruising altitude, there was nothing abnormal in wireless communications between the crew and air control or in the control commands."

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