World's fastest passenger jet goes supersonic in tests

May 24, 2022
The news comes after a Global 7500 test vehicle broke the sound barrier during a demonstration flight last May, achieving speeds of more than Mach 1.015, Tamara Hardingham-Gill reports for CNN.

DORVAL, Quebec - The race to resume supersonic passenger flights nearly two decades after the retirement of Concorde was offered a glimmer of excitement on Monday when plane manufacturer Bombardier revealed high speed achievements while confirming the launch of its new business jet, Tamara Hardingham-Gill reports for CNNContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

24 May 2022 - Bombardier, based in Quebec, has claimed that the Global 8000 - which is still in development - will best any other business jet in range and speed.

The Global 8000 is slated to have a range of 8,000NM and can carry 19 passengers at a speed of Mach 0.94.

"The Global 8000 aircraft leverages the outstanding attributes of the Global 7500 aircraft, providing our customers with a flagship aircraft of a new era," Éric Martel, president and CEO for Bombardier, said in a statement released on Monday.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
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