Emirates president says Boeing 777X test program paused due to issues with GE9X engine

Dec. 1, 2022
The airline boss is again expressing frustration with the lack of progress on the widebody plane, Joanna Bailey reports for Simple Flying.

CINCINATTI - If there’s one airline that’s keenly associated with the forthcoming Boeing 777X more than any other, it’s Emirates. The outspoken boss of the Middle Eastern airline, Sir Tim Clark, has been painfully transparent with the world’s media regarding his personal feelings towards the delays with the aircraft, Joanna Bailey reports for Simple FlyingContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

1 December 2022 - GE's GE9X engine is slated to power the Boeing 777X widebody passenger jet. General Electric's engine, which is composed of more than 31,000 parts, produces 105,000 pounds of thrust. Simple Flying's Jonna Bailey notes that the certification process on the Boeing craft and associated GE engine isn't "going as smoothly as GE would like."

Emirates' Tim Clark, speaking to aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth, said that the GE engine had experienced a problem in October.

“We know there was an engine glitch in October. They stopped the test program – not that there was much going on anyway. They dropped the engine, took it to General Electric in Cincinnati, and on December 6, 2022, we will get a heads up on what the problem is. Until then we wait for the results of the breakdown of the engine.”

“In the worst case it’s a design issue and it becomes more complicated. If the engine broke because there was a batch problem with components, it’s possible they will restart the test program in January,” Clark says.

GE says that the company is "GE is reviewing a technical issue that occurred during GE9X post-certification engineering testing, and we are closely coordinating with Boeing on our findings to support their return to flight testing."

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
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