Boom taps Kratos to power supersonic plane Overture, delays rollout

Dec. 15, 2022
The company is trying to bring back supersonic flying with its Overture aircraft, which aims to cut transatlantic flying time in half to about 3-1/2 hours, while carrying 65-88 passengers, Abhijith Ganapavaram reports for Reuters.

DENVER - Boom Supersonic struck a partnership with a unit of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions to develop an engine for its planned aircraft, after several leading industry players gave the U.S. startup a cold shoulder, Abhijith Ganapavaram reports for ReutersContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

15 December 2022 - Boom has selected Florida Turbine Technologies, a business unit of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., as its engine design team. FTT has leading supersonic engine design expertise, including key engineers among the team responsible for the design of the F-119 and F-135 supersonic engines that power the F-22 and F-35.

Boom also announced that it will be teaming with three industry leaders to develop Symphony including Florida Turbine Technologies (FTT) for engine design, GE Additive for additive technology design consulting, and StandardAero for maintenance.

Symphony will be a bespoke design leveraging proven technologies and materials to achieve optimal supersonic performance and efficiency. Overture’s new propulsion system will operate at net zero carbon and meet Chapter 14 noise levels. When compared to derivative approaches, Symphony is expected to deliver a 25% increase in time on wing and significantly lower engine maintenance costs, reducing overall airplane operating costs for airline customers by 10%.

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
Military + Aerospace Electronics

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