MRO outlook report: Tech eases challenges

May 15, 2023
Three years post-COVID, the MRO Industry faces a backlog of work with unprecedented challenges and opportunities moving forward, Walker Jaroch reports for AviationPros.

FT. ATKINSON, Wisc., - It’s been three years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the MRO industry is well on the path to recovery. MROs are still dealing with the lingering effects of the pandemic, but new technology and years of experience doing business in the pandemic age has brought a sense of optimism, Walker Jaroch reports for AviationPros.

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The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

Date goes Here -The MRO industry is working at full tilt. In fact, AviationPro's Jaroch writes that Phil Bathurst, president & CEO, Aspire MRO, said they have so much work that they’re having to turn it away. In addition to high demand, the MRO world is also battling manpower shortages. One way Aspire and Bathurst are trying to close the gap is by increasing efficiencies through technology.

“We're completely paperless. Being part of completely paperless, everything you're gathering is in your system. Rather than having one of my mechanics walk away from the airplane, walk over and get tooling or walk over and get materials, it's delivered to him by a non-mechanic,” explained Bathurst.

In addition to being paperless, he said, “We have a better view … Right now in my hangar, a hundred mechanics out there working literally could pull up in front of me now exactly what job every one of them's on, how long have they been on it, when did they start, when does it stop, et cetera. It gives us those analytics to be able to be more efficient,” he continued.

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