Liberty progresses its retrofit kit for AI-based checkpoint tech

May 15, 2023
HD imagery coupled with artificial intelligence allows greater detection with fewer false alarms.

WILMINGTON, Mass., - Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd., in Wilmington, Mass., which is a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based next generation detection solutions for concealed weapons and threats, have announced that the company is making progress on the development of a High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HDAIT) upgrade kit as part of its contract award with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The total award to Liberty Defense for the HD-AIT development is $1.75M over 18 months.

The HD-AIT next-generation people screening technology platform for threat detection uses high-definition imaging and artificial intelligence, resulting in greater detection, with a lower false alarm rate for a better passenger experience.

The TSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for all security screening conducted at airports in the United States. TSA’s On-Person Screening program aims to detect a growing range of threats, with fewer false alarms and less physical contact. In addition to enhanced detection, the HD-AIT body scanners are anticipated to help improve passenger experience and move people through the checkpoint more seamlessly.

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