A look at the blended wing body Bombardier EcoJet

Aug. 22, 2023
A blended-wing aircraft has advantages and disadvantages, Mark Finlay reports for Simple Flying.

DORVAL, Quebec - Before we look at Bombardier's blended-wing EcoJet and how it could be the future of sustainable aviation, let's first look at the innovative Canadian aircraft manufacturer and see how it came to be. Headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Canada, Bombardier was founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1942. Initially, Bombardier manufactured snowmobiles before diversifying into public service vehicles and aircraft, Mark Finlay reports for Simple FlyingContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

22 August 2023 - In May, Bombardier provided an update on its blended wing EcoJet, which it says aims to reduce emissions 50% through aerodynamics and "propulsion enhancements."

The organization successfully completed its first phase of testing with a small-scale model of a blended-wing-body aircraft, representing approximately 7% of a large business jet. Bombardier is now building on the knowledge acquired to engage in a second phase of testing with a model twice as large, and which completed its first flight last year to pave the way for this next test campaign.

“Bombardier has taken a leadership position in the industry’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, and the EcoJet research project is paramount to developing the technologies that will bring us toward the goal of net zero emissions by 2050,” said Stephen McCullough, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Development. “We are very pleased to see the highly engaging results yielded so far and to continue our trailblazing work as we kick off the next phase of this game-changing research project. The EcoJet research project has garnered a high level of interest across the industry, and we are looking forward to mobilizing partners as we continue to define the future of business aviation.”

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
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