How electronic inspections promote accountability and improve uptime

Sept. 22, 2023
With an electronic inspection program, a GSE fleet manager can see who performed a check, where and when it was done as well as how long it took to perform, Josh Smith writes for Ground Handling Worldwide.

FORT AKINSON, Wis., - Traditional paper checklists have been used by GSE maintenance teams for decades, but these programs can be flawed. Chris Schaeffer, an industry veteran who has decades of fleet management experience including GSE, says these important documents are often not viewed as important to-do lists. But rather they are treated as another mundane task preventing ground personnel from completing their work, Josh Smith writes for Ground Support WorldwideContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

22 September 2023 - “Where do we store them? For how long? Can we email them every day to the fleet manager?” Schaeffer points out, adding the information on the checklists can also be difficult to read. “And if the information needs to be retrieved in the event of an incident, it’s a project just to find the checklist from a specific date.”

Electronic inspections, on the other hand, are more reliable. Schaeffer says a fleet manager can start the morning in his or her office and easily see what inspections have been done that day.

To help reduce equipment damage, National Safety Solutions, headquartered in Kamloops, British Columbia, developed its Start Right inspection solution for GSE in 2015. According to company president Grant Toutant, the system was designed to combat a lack of due diligence from employees when performing inspections prior to moving and operating GSE.

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
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