VoltAero chooses Safran electrical wiring to equip the Cassio 330 electric-hybrid certification aircraft

Jan. 12, 2024
The Cassio wiring will carry power levels twice as high as traditional aircraft.

ROYAN, France - VoltAero in Royan, France, needed a wiring and power distribution system to power its Cassio 330 hybrid-electric aircraft as it seeks certification. They found their solution from Safran Electrical & Power in Toulouse, France.

A distinctive feature of the VoltAero propulsion concept is the utilization of the ENGINeUS 100 electric motor in the hybrid propulsion unit, mounted in the aft fuselage of the Cassio aircraft. This motor powers all-electric functions during taxi, takeoff, primary flight (for distances less than 150 km), and landing. The hybrid capability, incorporating an internal combustion engine, serves as both a range extender, recharging batteries during flight, and a fail-safe backup in case of electric propulsion issues.

Through this agreement, Safran Electrical & Power will undertake the design and production of electrical wiring for both the propulsion and power distribution systems of the Cassio 330. Specifically, the focus will be on high-voltage wiring crucial for the certification program of VoltAero's initial aircraft model. The wiring is engineered to withstand continuous operation at power ratings up to 800 Volts, demonstrating resilience against partial discharge phenomena at high altitudes. Notably, the Cassio wiring, equivalent in size to conventional aircraft cabling, will support power levels twice as high.

This contract builds upon a 2020 partnership related to the Cassio 330's electric-hybrid propulsion system. In this broader collaboration, Safran Electrical & Power will supply the ENGINeUS 100 electric motor for the propulsion system, capable of delivering over 150 kW at takeoff. The ENGINeUS 100 is equipped with its control electronics and an air-cooling system, ensuring an optimal size-to-power ratio.

The Cassio electric-hybrid aircraft family, comprising the Cassio 330, Cassio 480, and Cassio 600 versions, is positioned to serve various applications, including regional commercial operations, air taxi/charter services, private ownership, and utility services such as cargo, postal delivery, and medical evacuation. VoltAero's patented electric-hybrid propulsion system, integrated into purpose-designed airframes, promises significantly improved performance and lower operational costs compared to existing alternatives.

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