Garmin introduces new series of slimline COMM and NAV/COMM radios

Feb. 5, 2024
Engineered for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, the GTR 205 and GNC 215 are suitable for various aircraft types and panel installations.

OLATHE, Kan., - Garmin in Olathe, Kan., introduced its new series of communications and navigation/communications radios, with their GTR 205 Comm radio and GNC 215 NAV/COMM radio present cost-effective alternatives for customers, featuring a full-color LCD display, intuitive interface, and a global frequency database.

Engineered for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, the GTR 205 and GNC 215 are versatile radios suitable for various aircraft types and panel installations. With a 1.3-inch height form factor aligning with previous-generation SL30 and SL40 radios, are optimized for confined panels. Pilot-selectable 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz channel spacing ensures global capability. The radios have a sunlight-readable color LCD display, showcasing active and standby frequencies along with station IDs like "KOJC TWR" or "KSLE ATIS." 

The GTR 205 serves as an advanced communication addition to any panel, offering optimized and cost-effective solutions. The standard 10 watts of power can be upgraded to 16 watts. For operators requiring NVIS compatibility, an option is available. Pilots can monitor a standby communication frequency while tuned to the active frequency, enabling tasks such as listening to ATIS transmissions without leaving the active ATC frequency.

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The GNC 215 NAV/COMM radio shares all the communications features of the GTR 205 while incorporating full VHF navigation capabilities, including VOR/ILS with localizer and glideslope. Navaid lookup allows the GNC 215 to find the desired frequency from its built-in worldwide database when entering a navaid. The Automatic Station ID feature automatically decodes a station's Morse code for positive visual identification.

Additionally, the GNC 215 can monitor the standby VOR frequency, displaying the received radial, and features a supplemental CDI display for a VOR or localizer. These NAV/COMM products interface seamlessly with most CDI, HSI, and autopilot systems, as well as Garmin flight displays to showcase Nav indicators in the primary field of view. For more information, visit

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