Ampaire completes hybrid-electric ground test using pure SAF

Feb. 23, 2024
The company flew its hybrid-electric Eco Caravan using 100 percent ASTM D7566 SAF produced by partner Dimensional Energy, Jack Daleo writes for Flying.

HAWTHORNE, Calif., - Ampaire, the company that set the endurance record for hybrid-electric flight in December, believes it can become even more efficient. The firm on Thursday announced it successfully completed a hybrid-electric ground test using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from partner Dimensional Energy. The pure, 100 percent ASTM D7566 SAF is produced from electricity and carbon dioxide and was used to fuel Ampaire’s nine-seat Eco Caravan, a modified Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, Jack Daleo writes for FlyingContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

23 February 2024 - Ampaire says its AMP-H570 AMP Drive hybrid electric propulsion units are capable of 50 to 70 percent reduction in fuel and emissions as compared to conventional Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engines typically found in Cessna Caravan turboprops.

Sustainable Aviaton Fuel (SAF), derived from renewable resources, has emerged as a solution to reducing aviation's carbon footprint. Dimensional Energy has two ongoing projects that will add inventory to the world's availability of e-fuels. By scaling hybrid electric technology and SAF for aviation, there is an additional opportunity to address the quality and cost concerns associated with SAF, paving the way for even broader use in the aviation industry.

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
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