Air India selects Collins Aerospace avionics

March 18, 2024
The comprehensive package includes communication, navigation, surveillance equipment, and air data sensors.

GURUGRAM, India - Commercial air carrier Air India needed a full suite of avionics hardware for its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX jets. They found their solution from Collins Aerospace in Charlotte, N.C. 

The comprehensive package from Collins, an RTX company, includes communication, navigation, surveillance equipment, and air data sensors. Collins says its avionics suite is designed to enhance the safety, fuel efficiency, and operational performance of Air India's fleet.

Collins' suite of advanced avionics will work to improve operations through every phase of flight on Air India's MAX aircraft. Multi-mode receivers enable satellite and ground-based navigation, facilitating high position accuracy, improved integrity, and future upgrades through a simple software update. Collins' radio altimeters provide accurate digital height measurements during crucial approach, landing, and climb-out phases, while actively filtering and mitigating any potential 5G cellular interference.

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Air India will also receive Collins' MultiScan ThreatTrack weather radar, which predicts adverse weather conditions and actively displays and analyzes cells – providing real-time route adjustments, and reducing long deviations and delays.

"This avionics agreement marks a collaborative effort that will be foundational to Air India's 737 MAX fleet for years to come," said Craig Bries, vice president and general manager of Avionics Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket Services at Collins Aerospace. "Equipping their new MAX fleet with our advanced suite of avionics underscores Air India's trust in our technology and commitment to innovation. Collins' solutions will deliver exceptional performance and reliability, contributing to Air India's continued success."

"Air India is pleased to have Collins Aerospace as a partner in our transformation journey. The company's full suite of avionics hardware will serve our existing as well as growing fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft," said Nipun Aggrawal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India.

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