Eve Air Mobility announces urban air traffic management software solution

March 26, 2024
Vector will be an agnostic software solution designed to safely address the unique air traffic and network management challenges of current and future Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations.

GENEVA, Switzerland - Eve Air Mobility introduced its Vector urban air traffic management (ATM) software and shared development updates at March's Airspace World show in Switzerland. The subsidiary of Embraer in São José dos Campos aims for Vector to be a platform-agnostic software solution addressing air traffic challenges of advanced air mobility (AAM) operations. It targets fleet and vertiport operators and future service providers for AAM, including air navigation service providers (ANSPs). The company is progressing toward an operational version of the software for customer testing.

"Eve expects electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft flights to become a transportation norm globally. First deliveries and entry into service are anticipated by 2026," said Johann Bordais, Eve’s CEO. Vector aims to streamline AAM operations, enhancing safety, performance, and resource usage coordination.

Vector facilitates the integration of eVTOLs with other low-level urban airspace traffic from day one, enabling urban air mobility (UAM) market scalability. Currently, Eve has 14 customers for Vector, including fleet operators, vertiports, and airspace management providers.

In November 2023, Eve partnered with Flexjet for a simulation validating and refining Vector’s capabilities under real conditions. The simulation in the UK involved 18 flights across eight aerodromes, testing 26 routes with alternative landing locations to assess standby flight plan functionality, delays, cancellations, and in-flight emergencies.

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The simulation revealed gaps between current ATM systems and those required for UAM operations from day one, emphasizing the need for integrated systems. Eve prioritizes services addressing these gaps, including integrated flight planning and conformance management.

"Urban ATM services can support flight dispatchers' responsibilities through increased automation and an integrated view of flight-relevant information," noted Brenden Hedblom, Eve’s head of traffic management solutions.

As Vector progresses, Eve seeks further opportunities to trial the solution with customers and partners, aiming to advance the market and prepare the UAM ecosystem for initial operations.

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