Space is the new ‘Wild West.’ The EU is dying to step in and regulate

April 3, 2024
The European Commission is gearing up to publish the world’s first comprehensive space law, Joshua Posaner writes for Politico Europe.

BRUSSELS - Not content with regulating fertilizers, cars and cheeses, Brussels is looking to create an EU Space Label it could soon slap on rockets and satellites as part of efforts to force companies to use orbit responsibly, Joshua Posaner writes for Politico Europe. Continue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

3 April 2024 -“With each passing day, space is becoming more like the Wild West, and it's time to have European rules,” said Christophe Grudler, a member of the European Parliament from France who is leading legislative work on IRIS2, the EU's answer to SpaceX's Starlink satellite communications system.

The EU says of IRIS2 that "The system will support a large variety of governmental applications, mainly in the domains of surveillance (e.g. border surveillance), crisis management (e.g. humanitarian aid) and connection and protection of key infrastructures (e.g. secure communications for EU embassies).

"The system will also allow mass-market applications including mobile and fixed broadband satellite access, satellite trunking for B2B services, satellite access for transportation, reinforced networks by satellite and satellite broadband and cloud-based services.

"Relying on disruptive technologies, including quantum, the multi-orbital EU secure connectivity system will ensure the long-term availability of reliable, secure and cost-effective satellite communications services at a global scale. It will allow further development of high-speed broadband and seamless connectivity throughout the Union, removing communication dead zones and increasing cohesion across Member State territories, and allow connectivity over geographical areas of strategic interest outside of the Union."

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
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