Lilium starts production of its high-performance battery packs for its upcoming eVTOL

April 18, 2024
Each Lilium Jet will be fitted with 10 independent battery packs, to deliver range for regional air mobility and redundancy.

MUNICH - Lilium N.V. in Gauting, Germany, a developer of an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, announced that it has started production of the advanced, aviation battery packs that will power the Lilium Jet on its first piloted flight, targeted for the end of 2024.

This milestone represents a landmark in the development of the Lilium Jet and follows extensive testing of battery pack subcomponents from individual cell to stack level with a focus on performance, safety and regulatory conformity. This achievement follows thorough testing of battery pack subcomponents, emphasizing performance, safety, and regulatory adherence.

The company's battery packs feature lithium-ion cells with silicon-dominant anodes, promising enhanced energy, power, and rapid-charging capabilities compared to graphite anode cells. This technology is designed to meet aircraft safety standards set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). These standards encompass shock resistance, heat resistance, containment, and redundancy, crucial for ensuring safe regional air mobility operations.

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Lilium has obtained comprehensive intellectual property rights for its unique battery technology, setting it apart in the electric aviation industry. The battery packs are assembled at Lilium's specialized factory near Munich, utilizing advanced digital tools for precise process control, data collection, and traceability. Collaborating with experienced suppliers, particularly from the automotive sector, has facilitated the design of the assembly line and the initial production ramp-up.

The initial units from the assembly line will undergo verification testing ahead of the Lilium Jet's maiden piloted flight. Each aircraft will integrate ten independently functioning battery packs, ensuring flight and landing safety even in the event of a single-pack failure. This marks a significant step forward in Lilium's pursuit of electric aviation, bringing it closer to realizing its vision of sustainable air transportation. 

"The start of production of the battery packs is a proud moment for Lilium," Yves Yemsi, COO of Lilium said. "Battery technology is central to the goal of delivering sustainable regional air mobility, including overcoming the challenges of developing and industrializing a battery pack that will meet the stringent safety standards of aircraft certification. With the start of production of the Lilium Jet’s unique high-performance aircraft battery packs, Lilium has laid a further cornerstone towards realizing the vision of electric aviation."  

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