How Resolution 753 has digitalized baggage handling

April 19, 2024
Solutions like Virgin Australia’s recently launched baggage tracking app provide added visibility to the journey of passengers' bags, Mario Pierobon writes for Ground Handling Worldwide.

BRISBANE, Australia - Improving the visibility of baggage tracking by airlines and their ground handling service providers by means of digital solutions is the main concept behind IATA Resolution 753, which has been in place for approximately five years, Mario Pierobon writes for Ground Handling Worldwide.  Continue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

19 February 2024 -The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Resolution 753 is a quality assurance label, which airlines are recommended to follow. It covers the tracking of a baggage item through the sortation, loading and delivery process, according to officials at Swissport.

“Before 753 came into being in 2018, some airlines already followed this model of logging digitally when a bag was checked in, entered the baggage sortation system, was loaded into a cart or container, loaded onto the aircraft, offloaded from the aircraft and placed on the deliver carrousel for the customer to collect on arrival,” officials at Swissport explain. “The concept being to improve visibility should anything go wrong, to locate the bag quicker and can provide evidence of ‘custody’ to attribute fault, e.g., when a bag moved from customer to airline to airport to handler to airline etc. It can also assist with automated and streamlined creation of baggage manifests for flight.”

Earlier in 2024, Virgin Australia unveiled an expansion of its baggage tracking tool to include all domestic and international routes as well as additional tracking notifications for guests. As part of the tool’s expansion, which Virgin Australia officials say previously only included a portion of the airline’s domestic network, customers can now track their baggage end-to-end via the Virgin Australia app.

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