Terra Drone, Unifly NV, and Aloft to jointly develop UAS air traffic management

April 29, 2024
The three companies pursue joint UTM development to capitalize on the global progress in eVTOLs.

TOKYO - Terra Drone Corporation, an advanced air mobility (AAM) technology provider in Tokyo, announced the launch of joint development with its group companies Unifly NV and Aloft Technologies Inc. focused on UAS traffic management for AAMs targeting global markets. Terra Drone has been making strategic investments in Unifly, a leading UTM technology provider based in Belgium, and Aloft in the U.S. This collaboration marks the first joint UTM development for AAMs by multiple companies with extensive track records in UTM implementation and operation.

The three companies pursue joint UTM development to capitalize on the global progress in electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs), set to revolutionize transportation. Morgan Stanley forecasts the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market to reach $1 trillion by 2040 and $9 trillion by 2050, with eVTOLs gaining global recognition through test flights and prototype showcases.

The companies announced initiatives to enhance their existing UTM platforms in anticipation of the surge in eVTOL aircraft and drone activities. The shared vision for the UTM platform is to enable safe and efficient flight operations for eVTOLs and drones in the foreseeable future.

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The trio said they are dedicated to extending their platform by incorporating crucial additional functions. These enhancements, designed with automation at their core, aim to streamline operational efficiencies and pave the way for the integration of their increasingly automated UTM technology into the design and operational framework of AAMs. 

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