How airlines are using AI to make flying easier

May 14, 2024
Airlines are using artificial intelligence to save fuel, keep customers informed and hold connecting flights for delayed passengers. Here’s what to expect, Julie Weed writes for The New York Times.

CHICAGO - Last month in Chicago, a United Airlines flight to London was ready to depart, but it was still waiting for 13 passengers connecting from Costa Rica. The airline projected they’d miss the flight by seven minutes. Under normal circumstances, they’d all be scrambling to rebook, Julie Weed writes for The New York Times

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The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

14 May 2024 -Weed writes that a new artificial intelligence tool dubbed ConnectionSaver facilitated the timely departure of a jet despite late-arriving passengers and their checked bags, ensuring an on-time arrival in London. The system additionally communicated updates via text messages to both tardy passengers and those aboard the awaiting aircraft.

According to Helane Becker, an airline industry analyst at TD Cowen, carriers are leveraging this technology to optimize operations, including fuel conservation and cost reduction. While various airlines are independently developing their AI initiatives, a successful innovation by any carrier could potentially set an industry standard.

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
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