Six hydrogen-powered aircraft that are hitting the skies soon

May 15, 2024
These H2eVTOLs are just concepts at this point, but they're coming. And they have the potential to help make aviation emissions-free, Dan Sloat writes for the Robb Report.

NEW YORK - Hydrogen propulsion aviation is evolving faster than expected. H2eVTOLs, as they’re known, have significant potential in an increasingly climate-conscious and cost-conscious society. Most of the news has been about pure electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that operate by battery power and electric motors. H2eVTOLs, by contrast, have hydrogen fuel cells that power electric motors, and in the odd case, run on liquid hydrogen, Dan Sloat writes for the Robb ReportContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

15 May 2024 - “Hydrogen packs three times the energy per kilogram as jet fuel, emits no carbon emissions, and can be sourced from water,” says Danielle McLean, founder of HYSKY Society, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing hydrogen aviation.

The six hydrogen-powered aircraft include AMSL Aero's Vertiia, the Sirius Business Jet, and the NEX Aero. In addition, the Robb Report highlights the LuftCar, Urban Aeronautics' CityHawk, and the SkaiCab from Alaka'i Technologies.

Earlier this year, Sirius Aviation AG in Barr, Switzerland debuted its hydrogen-electric ducted fan propulsion system for the first time at Payerne Airport. This public exhibition, Sirius says, marked the inaugural ignition of the system designed to propel the company's Millennium and Sirius jets.

The Business Jet features a 1,150-mile flight range, a cruise speed of 323 mph, an altitude capability of 30,000 feet, noise levels of 60dBa, and accommodates three passengers.

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