Ka-band SATCOM terminal for video streaming aboard manned and unmanned aircraft introduced by Viasat

June 6, 2019
Ka-band Global Aero Terminal to provide high-bandwidth satellite communications (SATCOM) and video streaming aboard government and business aircraft.

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Viasat Inc. in Carlsbad, Calif., is introducing the Ka-band Global Aero Terminal (GAT-5518) to provide satellite communications (SATCOM) on government and business aircraft.

The SATCOM systems are for aircraft such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), military aircraft, and business jets. The 18-inch terminal is for high-bandwidth applications such as advanced video streaming.

The terminal is made up of a two-axis steerable, two-way Ka-band antenna with an integrated antenna control unit (ACU), an antenna power supply unit, and a modem. The GAT-5518's antenna can be tail, fuselage or hatch-mounted.

The GAT-5518 SATCOM terminal can perform real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); assist with operational-support airlift missions; help move personnel and equipment across the battlefield; provide advanced situational awareness; assist with en-route mission planning; and perform medical evacuation and telemedicine services.

The terminal was designed to use Viasat's Hybrid Adaptive Network (HAN) architecture to enable users to operate seamlessly across commercial and government SATCOM networks.

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The HAN architecture conceives an end-to-end network that mitigates signal congestion, intentional and unintentional interference, and cyber attacks with layered resiliency for video streaming and other high-bandwidth communications in contested environments.

Business and corporate jet aircraft can use the GAT-5518 terminal for live video teleconferencing, voice calls, corporate VPN access, Web browsing and audio, video, and live TV streaming.

The GAT-5518 terminal completed FAA DO-160G certification for reliable IFC services, and can take advantage of current and future Viasat satellite systems and third-party satellite networks.

For more information contact Viasat online at www.viasat.com.

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