Open-architecture electronic warfare (EW) mobile flight simulator for combat pilots introduced by Elbit

Feb. 24, 2020
System records each session for debriefing and analysis; several AMSTF units in training area helps with squadron and fleet training.

HAIFA, Israel – Elbit Systems Ltd. in Haifa, Israel, is introducing an electronic warfare (EW) system called the Aircrew Mobile Simulation and Training Field (AMSTF) to enable combat aircraft pilots to train against realistic EW threats.

Housed in a standard mobile container, the AMSTF flight simulator uses transmitters, sensors, communications, command and control, and analytical systems to cover RF, infrared, and camera threats, and helps military aircraft pilots train in a real life, multi-threat EW arena.

The system records each session for debriefing and analysis. Positioning several AMSTF units within the training area helps with squadron and fleet training.

Designed as an open-architecture system the AMSTF trainer enables programmable and configurable operation for maximum user independence.

"As EW readiness becomes paramount to mission success and survivability, Air forces increasingly seek efficient EW training capabilities beyond the synthetic.," says Edgar Maimon, executive vice president and general manager of Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT - Elisra.

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