Optical fiber with different-shaped fiber cores for laser and astronomy uses introduced by Armadillo SIA

Oct. 26, 2021
Ultraviolet non-circular core fibers operate from 190 to 1200 nanometers, while water-free non-circular core fibers operate in 300 to 2400 nanometers.

RIGA, Latvia – Armadillo SIA in Riga, Latvia, is introducing two silica, multi-mode optical fiber products for laser and astronomy applications, as well as for applications where the shape and homogeneity of the output beam is critical.

The Optran UV NCC ultraviolet non-circular core fibers operate from 190 to 1200 nanometers and the Optran WF NCC water-free non-circular core fibers operate in the 300 to 2400-nanometer spectral range.

The company's silica shaped fiber cores are available in rectangular, square, octagonal, hexagonal, and other shapes to offer coupling efficiency. Although the optical fiber cores are various shapes, the Optran UV/WF NCCs' silica cladding is circular to accommodate most standard fiber cable connectors.

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For improved packing density with multi-fiber bundle assemblies, Armadillo also offers non-circular form (NCF) fiber versions. NCF has a fluorinated silica cladding that mimics the shape of the fused silica core, with optical properties identical to NCC.

Armadillo's non-circular core fibers operate from ultraviolet to visible out to the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. Other features include homogeneous power distribution and low numerical aperture (NA) expansion.

With image scrambling characteristics and laser damage resistance, the new Optran family of UV and WF NCC fibers eliminates the need for laser beam-shaping optics.

For more information contact Armadillo SIA online at www.armadillosia.com.

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