SpecQtral launches quantum optical ground station TarQis

Feb. 16, 2024
It will serve as an access point to SpeQtral's upcoming quantum satellites for government and defense, telcocommunications, financial services and data center segments to deploy and test satellite QKD solutions.

SINGAPORE - SpeQtral, a Singapore-based quantum communications technology, announced the launch of TarQis, a mobile quantum-optical ground station (Q-OGS) for access to secure communication through satellite quantum key distribution (QKD). TarQis will work with SpeQtral's upcoming quantum satellites, allowing users to test satellite QKD technology, prove out use cases, and prepare for deploying and integrating QKD solutions into their institutions.

SpeQtral's Q-OGS features a modular quantum receiver unit, QKD control server, and optical telescope, all housed within a standard 20-foot container for global transport. The product utilizes standard data interfaces, allowing users to deploy TarQis at selected locations to facilitate long-distance satellite QKD connectivity.

TarQis provides a plug-and-play solution for government and defense, telecommunications, financial services, and data center sectors. It can be situated at a user's secure premises for direct access to satellite QKD solutions or function as a node within a metropolitan fiber-QKD network, enabling extended QKD connectivity to other metropolitan QKD networks.

SpeQtral says current solutions entail substantial infrastructural investments and long-term commitments. The TarQis solution offers a quick-deploy solution without the need for permanent infrastructural fixtures. SpeQtral currently offers short-term commercial demonstration campaigns for satellite QKD between any two or more global locations, allowing users to gain hands-on experience with this strategic technology and plan for broader adoption and operational deployment across their organizations.

This offering has been developed based on feedback from users in the financial services, government, and defense sectors. TarQis has generated interest from stakeholders during pre-launch engagements, signifying advancement in the adoption of satellite QKD technologies within an organization's communication infrastructure and applications. 

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