Electro-optics Briefs

Dec. 1, 2007

Cedip offers thermal surveillance system for military applications

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Cedip Infrared Systems in Croissy-Beaubourg, France, is offering the ADAMANT infrared camera, a compact yet powerful thermal surveillance system for fixed position surveillance, passive observation, and detection and recognition of targets by day and night—even in bad weather. The new system features a 40-by-512 MCT 15-micron pitch focal plane array and three-field-of-view (FOV) optic packaged in a mil-spec, marine qualified enclosure weighing about 20 pounds. The lens features a 21.7-by-17.5-degree FOV, a 6.9-by-5.5-degree FOV, and a 1.7-by-1.4-degree FOV—enabling detection of a tank-sized target at 10 miles. Applications include waterway surveillance, long-range reconnaissance, homeland security monitoring of large area public infrastructure, and military range tracking applications. ADAMANT can be delivered with Ethernet or Optical fiber output allowing remote control and video display over long distances. For OEM integrators, ADAMANT is also available as a core engine package, without the enclosure and the front window. For more information, contact Cedip Infrared online at www.cedip-infrared.com.

SCHOTT and Clear Align to partner on electro-optic technology for defense and security

Electro-optics companies SCHOTT North America’s Fiber Optics Defense Division in Southbridge, Mass., and Clear Align in Eagleville, Pa., are joining hands to design, prototype, and produce electro-optical solutions for defense and security applications. The two companies announced a partnership agreement where Clear Align will provide designs, prototype, and production capabilities to help SCHOTT’s Fiber Optics Defense Division to meet demands for robust electro-optic systems and subsystems. The partnership is to emphasize the strengths of each company; SCHOTT will benefit from Clear Align’s electro-optics knowledge, while Clear Align will benefit from SCHOTT’s optic, fiber optic, and fiber optic component expertise, large-scale manufacturing capabilities, and defense market experience. “Given the current demand for integration of SCHOTT components, a reliable supply of design, prototype and assembly services is essential to SCHOTT North America’s growth targets,” says Rick Miller, manager, SCHOTT’s fiber optics defense division. “The recent expansions of our production capacity to include full cleanroom assembly, ensures the partnership will be able to serve a broad spectrum of the imaging and sensing market,” says Angelique X. Irvin, Clear Align’s president and chief executive officer. “This relationship validates Clear Align’s position as an innovative supplier of custom optoelectronic modules, subsystems, and systems.”

EM4 introduces acousto optic modulators at Florida technical conference

EM4 Inc. in Bedford, Mass., is offering a series of ruggedized small-form-factor fiber-coupled acousto optic modulators and high-power handling fiber-coupled isolators for defense, homeland security, and industrial applications. The company announced the new product at the LEOS Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. EM4’s product family of fiber-coupled acousto optic modulators and isolators are rugged hermetic-sealed modules that have been designed and built using technologies and processes developed for high-reliability defense and telecommunications applications. For more information, contact EM4 online at www.em4inc.com.

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