Electro-optics briefs

Lancer Systems acquires Greene Tweed’s defense, fiber-optics businesses

Lancer Systems L.P. in Kulpsville, Pa., is buying the defense and fiber optics businesses of Greene Tweed & Co. Inc., also in Kulpsville, Pa. Greene Tweed’s businesses were designed to access commercial opportunities in the defense marketplace for its high-performance materials. Lancer Systems’ management intends to build on these opportunities through the supply of sophisticated assembly and electronics packaging. It will use its continuing strategic materials relationship with Greene Tweed as a platform to extend its presence in demanding defense and fiber optics applications. “Lancer intends to focus intensely on aligning its business model with the needs of the defense and fiber optics marketplace to the benefit of all involved in this supply chain,” says Brian Hodges, president of Lancer Systems. Lancer Systems will continue to operate from its Kulpsville, Pa., headquarters until its new Allentown facility is ready in the spring of 2007. For more information contact Lancer Systems online at www.lancer-systems.com.

Timbercon announces bare-fiber processing for electro-optic, communications, and sensing applications

Timbercon Inc. in Lake Oswego, N.Y., is offering bare-fiber processing to optimize bare-fiber coupling efficiencies for precision optical applications in communications and sensing. Timbercon bare fibers offer a specialized and customizable solution to applications requiring precision conical, chiseled, angled, or flat fiber tips. In addition to improving coupling, bare fibers can be lensed, eliminating the need for discreet lens systems for some applications. Traditionally used for optoelectronic and passive device termination, custom bare fibers are now being utilized in a number of communications, medical, and sensing applications. Timbercon bare fibers are available in single mode, multimode, and polarization maintaining fiber types with a variety of standard and custom polishes, angles, and lensed end finishes. For more information contact Timbercon online at www.timbercon.com.

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